My name is Sigurd Grelck. I'm a designer specializing in illustration and animation. I work with a tool-box of research and ideation methods to create design that, not only looks great, but also serves a purpose.

My name is Sigurd Grelck, i’m an ambitious and creative designer. I once trained in the arts of drawing and painting - that was before i fell in love with the digital world, and decided to study communication design. I still keep both passions, combining classical drawing skills with a high level of digital technicality. I currently study at Designskolen Kolding, besides my studies i have worked at a small publishing house and with a graphics design firm.

I believe that design is best when it moves people. I create moving motion graphics, moving animations, moving graphic design and moving illustrations. My specialty is working in the digital world, where movements and animations can add an impact and have interactive functionality. My process is the culmination of many years of experience. I believe in experimenting to create something original. I also believe that fun should be the driving force behind work, if you create something fun - people will feel it and be moved by it.